House Rules
    These rules apply to ALL houses where Palthor is the GM!
Presented in no particular order (other than Rule 1 of course!)
Witch Hat on D20
  1. The GM is final arbiter of all game-related conflict except for POSSIBLY where to order pizza. That was a "period" back there and it means PERIOD!

  2. The GM is almost as far from "Infallible" as that word is from "Zymurgy" in Webster's Dictionary. Questions on rules, spell effects and the like are always welcome and do NOT automatically result in invocations of Rule 1 though it HAS been known to happen.

  3. In this campaign, "the play is the thing" - it is the story that we are creating together that matters first and foremost. If GASP! The GM gets confused and runs a combat round out of order or forgets to account for weapon type bonus against a particular armor type until 8 rounds into a skirmish - the play goes on and we try to do it better next time - we don't start over.

  4. This campaign will be run by AD & D First Edition rules

  5. Fighter Classes gain -1 to THACO each level instead of -2 every other level. Leveling up MUST count for something!

  6. There is NO Rule six!

  7. These days most players have their own copies of all of the Monster Manuals or the PDF files. I would prefer that players do not reference these books during game play. Away from the gaming table, research all you want but I don't want to get five rounds into combat with 3 dead party members when someone shouts "Hey - right here on page 36 it says 'stroke his tail and he will calm down and be your friend for life!'" If you happen know the secret handshake or whatever it is ahead of time without looking it up, that is called "experience" and you are welcome to use it during game play.

  8. Players are limited to the spells contained in the books unless extraordinary feats of research and experimentation as designated by the GM are performed to create new spells unique to their character. Likewise, in this campaign, NPCs and magic items usually have this same limitation BUT be advised that there are Exceptions! If something "looks" odd it is OK to ask the GM in case he made a mistake but "Yep - that is what you saw!" is a perfectly valid response.

  9. It is assumed that Magic Users and Clerics know what components they need to cast spells and manage to keep what they need handy. The GM does not expect the players to keep track of spell components other than for certain higher-level spells that have very specific (and expensive) component requirements.

  10. Spells that require a verbal component and spells that require a somatic requirement (hand waving) WILL be enforced - no casting a fireball while tied up and casting Cure Light Wounds while hiding somewhere will generate a die roll to determine if someone notices you.

  11. Clerics do not have to prepare specific spells each day. They can cast any spells available to them up to the limit of spells per level they are allowed to cast each day. I am Toying with making this rule apply to Magic Users as well. My games tend to be low to medium level in general so I don't have to worry too much about a wild-eyed mage tossing fire balls around all day out of boredom.

  12. There is no "World Economy" in this campaign. Prices of goods and services can and usually DO vary quite widely from location to location. A simple potion of Healing might cost 1 GP on the Street of Artificers in the capital city and be offered at 25 GP over in Hoggs Bottom - a 6-day ride from the nearest Apothecary and pretty darn close to some dangerous places. Sometimes, the GM just gets confused on what he charged for something - just chalk it up to Rule 2 and Rule 3 joining forces and sneaking up on you.

  13. Speaking of the economy. I hate making change in this system! I tend to round things to the nearest gold piece and not worry too much about the currency denominations. Harken back to Rule 3 for justification. I hate wasting precious gaming time trying figure out how many Bronze pieces are in an Electrum piece. "Lots" is good enough for me!

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