Welcome to the World of Andor!
Where the Men are MEN, the women strong and the sheep...well...
never you mind about the sheep!
Witch Hat on D20
A new group of foolish um reckless er Stout-Hearted (yes - that's it!) Adventurers are beginnging their journey through the perilous world of Andor!   Follow along as, armed to the teeth (in some cases, armed WITH teeth), they navigate from adventure to adventure secure in the knowledge that there will be free BEvERages for the survivors tomorrow!

Stay a while and listen! All of the adventures chronicled here are guaranteed to have happy endings! (happy for SOMEONE anyway)
Will they survive?
Will they roll a 1 on a language check and fatally insult the Ogre's Dear Ole Mum?
Will they get rich?
Will they achieve their goals?
Do they know what their goals are?
Will someone else retire with unimaginable wealth for having used them to meet HIS goals?
Only time will tell....

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