Whistler The Dog Whistle
Synthetic Transaction Trainer
This page provides the ability to control the response time and availability of several URLs. It can be used to test specific failure conditions by altering a simulated STEP so its response time is outside of specified parameters in the monitoring tool or an UN-AVAILABLE code is returned for a specific step

Here is the main test URL: http://donperkins.net/dogwhistle/index.php

You can use this as the landing page to record a synthetic transaction then click on the other step links as part of the recording to simulate a multi-step Simulated User session

Webhook Payload Viewer : Captures the SOAP Payload sent by Datadog as part of a Webhook configuration
Simulated User Action Controls:
Selected Step: 1
Label Response Time Status Code Direct URL Result
seconds Step #1 URL Dog Whistle Step:1 - Result: PASSED
seconds Step #2 URL  
seconds Step #3 URL  
seconds Step #4 URL  
seconds Step #5 URL  

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